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5 cleaning and disinfection method is introduced:

1. plastic table and chairs furniture, regularly cleaned with detergent cleaning, then wipe dry. 2. on the handset, speakerphone, bottles, cups and other plastic products, often 75% or 5% alcohol solution of potassium permanganate solution or aerosol disinfection of the nonpoisonous and harmless to the human body scrub. 3. for sofas and mattresses made of polyurethane plastic articles of daily use, often with detergent to wash covers, scrub the surface. 4. when using plastic, should also pay attention to the following points: (1) household plastic flooring should be preferred coil type, often rolled up, cleaning and disinfection, and keep dry. (2) bathrooms and other damp surfaces in any unventilated, generally do not use plastic floors. (3) the use made of ABS plastic articles of daily use such as home appliances and other, should not use creosote soap dispenser cleaning cleaning and disinfection. This is because creosote SOAP softens ABS plastic surface sticky, nor using the methanol-containing industrial alcohol wipes, because alcohol can accelerate the ageing ABS plastic. 5. Special cleaner for plastics products. By stearic acid 7%, 12 alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium 1% 1%, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, aluminium oxide 30%, 2-(2-carboxy-phenyl -3,5-tert-Amyl) BENZOTRIAZOLE 0.7%, 60.3% mixed into the water. When in use, use a cloth dipped in this solution, then arrangements will be washing or plastic products (including PMMA) into detergent for 1-2 minutes, then removed and wiped clean with a rag.

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