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Difference between PP and ABS in terms of performance

PP is a kind of polymers, monomers are acrylic CH2=CH-COOH, obtained by addition polymerization of POLYACRYLIC acid with the chemical formula can be expressed as (C3H4O2) n, structure can be expressed as (-CH2-CH (COOH)-) n.

Typical applications:

Automotive industry (mainly the use of metallic additives PP: Fender, ventilation pipes, fans, etc), appliances (dishwasher door gasket, dryer vent pipes, washing machine framework and machine cover, refrigerator door liners etc), consumer goods (lawn and garden equipment such as

Lawn and sprinklers, etc).

Injection molding process conditions:

Dry processing: If the store proper drying is not required.

Processing melt temperature: 220~275℃, be careful not to over 275 degrees.

Mold temperature: 80℃, 50 c is recommended. Degree of crystallization determined primarily by mold temperature.

Injection pressure: 1800bar.

Injection speed: in General, use high speed injection can reduce the internal pressure to a minimum. If the products surface defects, low speed injection should be used under high temperature.

Runner and gate: for cold runner, a typical runner diameter is 4~7mm. Recommended species for the round of injection and runner. All types of gates are available. Typical range of gate diameter is 1~1.5mm, but you can also use the small gate to 0.7mm. For edge gate, the minimum depth of the gate should be half the thickness of the smallest gate width should be at least twice times the wall thickness. PP material can use hot runner system.

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