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Price article can is good of show supermarket, warehouse displayed products of price and type, our professional production double cassette price article, dual SIM with document type price article, back cassette price article, Qian bar back cassette price article, single cassette price article, new back cassette double document price article, network frame cassette price article, teeth mouth cassette price article, General paste type price article, with angle paste type price article, right angle paste type price article, hypotenuse paste type price article, arc paste type price article, embedded type price article, arc embedded type price article, three document type shelf price article, Second gear rack price, fish-mouth glass price, middle fish glass card, oblique glass price bar, hook price tag, hanging price tag, tag on thousands of products. We now design for cosmetics showcase the unique display of PC, acrylic (PMMA), ABS,PETG out of the show, is more practical.

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