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Molding process plastic temperature setting

Blow molding process, extrusion die structure of certain cases, dominant parison shape of viscoelastic behavior of key materials and temperature directly affects the parison shape stability and performance quality of blow molded products.

Extruder temperature settings low extrusion machine load, incomplete fusion of plastic melt viscosity flow, the shear stress increases. Improve the extrusion temperature, can reduce the polyethylene melt extrusion die with pressure and viscosity of melts, the melt viscosity, meet the requirements of shaping operations, improving the fluidity of melt, reducing the power consumption of extruder. Meanwhile, suitable cylinder temperature. Increase screw speed without affecting the plasticizing effect of mixture of materials, to improve the strength and brightness of the final product.

Storage head temperature is too high, plastic parison strength decrease, prone to die cut material cares, parison pleated, extruded parison is easy to produce self-sagging, mold clamping melt into the spell cannot make adequate amounts of stitches in the cause at the bottom thin seam strength and cooling time, and so on.

The temperature is too low, also cause parison wall thickness is not easy to control, wall thickness were significantly increased, blowing easy breakdowns. Melt "die swell" effect will become more serious, wall thickness and inner stress increases, there is even a bad weld, surface contour pattern is not clear. Low temperature may cause extrusion parison wall thickness and length contraction increase, die swell effect

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