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Prevention of plastic household products mold rot

Plastic articles of Nice, bright colors and low prices, was welcomed by the consumers. However, in the course of using, people tend to misunderstand, that plastic will not mildew rot. In fact, in wet conditions, chemical additives in the plastics through prolonged contact with water and other solvents, substantial leakage, causing Microbe, like telephones, stereo microphone and can carry large amounts of bacteria. In warm conditions, erosion of plastic articles arising from micro-organisms and bacteria, making the surface spots and cause brittleness and shrinkage, leading to damage. Plastic household breeding primarily parasitic on fungi, microorganisms, after exposure to cause thrush, preschool-age children susceptible to ringworm and Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, permanently, and wounds. Eliminate fungi microbial pollution of plastic articles is very important. General method is added in the manufacturing process of organotin compound and thiol compounds such as antimicrobial agents, but it does not make the fungus completely disappeared. Regular disinfection is therefore an important measure for elimination of plastic articles of pathogenic.

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