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PVC extrusion molding how to make the current stable

Add a melt pump, gear pump installed on the extrusion between host and head, this direction of extrusion of fluctuation and separated from the nose and downstream equipment. Regardless of the gear pump inlet pressure fluctuations, just go to material full full tooth of the gear pump, gear pump can be stable to the die material pressure and flow, and ensure the extrusion die without fluctuations, so as to improve stability and accuracy of products of extrusion systems. Also, because the gear pump is a pressure device, it can turn the metering section of extruder gear pump rather than the Turbo function completed, thereby avoiding the extruder head pressure of working power consumption friction, shear force, sharp, long residence time and easily degradable shortcomings such as extrusion productivity extrusion machines wear down. In addition, melt pump can also increase your system's control, lower temperature, reducing energy consumption, achieve linear output.

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