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Usage and maintenance of plastic profile Extrusion die

1. after the arrival of plastic profile Extrusion die out of the box to check

Check out of the box, packaging intact: when unpacking remove packing list, and technical documents such as manuals, formed by the contents of the packing list check the mold parts, accessories, special tools, etc.

2. technical requirements and half of plastic profile Extrusion die

>> Especially in the extrusion material for plastic profile Extrusion die when modified PVC, its molded parts made of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant material, and quenched and tempered to HRC24, in order to ensure a certain degree of life.

>> Die, molding and parts of the work surface should be smooth and there should be no bumps, scratches, burrs, and attachments, as well as corrosion and other defects.

Die >> melt flow direction flow system should be gradual, try to avoid sections of mutation and residuum.

>> The template should have a reliable location, between the loading and unloading of the template correspond to positions between repeatability error is not greater than 0.03mm; plastic profile extrusion tooling die head the jointing surfaces and flattening should be a good fit, its local clearance shall not be greater than 0.02mm.

>> Molding cooling systems, vacuum systems that often, does not leak, water systems under normal circumstances should not collude. Fittings of plastic profile extrusion calibrator, vacuum fittings should be clearly marked and should not affect the piping connections.

>> Plastic profile extrusion calibrator should be closed-flexible sections calibrator type blocks in the water tanks and pipes should be guaranteed a certain degree of concentricity.

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