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Analysis Of Price Tag Printing Quality Good And Bad Mainly To See Seven Aspects

Price Tag printing is widely used in the printing industry, the use of methods become more and more mature, part of the Price Tag printing quality is improved, of course, some inferior counterfeit goods, how to distinguish between good and bad stickers, sticker material structure surface Consists of three parts, namely, surface materials, adhesives and base paper. However, from the manufacturing process and quality assurance point of view, the Price Tag printing quality by the seven aspects of the decision.

First, the surface material

The surface material is a positive acceptance of printed graphics and text, printed on the back side of the Price Tag, and finally applied to the material on the paste. In general, any flexible material can be used as a self-adhesive material, and this surface material depends on the final application and printing process. The material can be adapted to printing and printing, has a good ink, and has enough power to accept a wide variety of material processing, surface gloss and color consistency and uniform density of the index determines the ink sticker Price Tag printing material uniform Sex, also determines the color of the same batch of Price Tags printed.

Second, the surface coating

Used to change the surface properties of the surface material. Such as raising the surface tension, changing the color, increasing the protective layer, etc., in order to better accept the ink and easy to print, to prevent dust, increase ink adhesion, to prevent falling off the printing. The surface coating is mainly used for non-absorbent materials such as aluminum foil, aluminized paper, and a wide variety of membrane materials. The strength of the surface coating determines whether or not a large amount of paper powder is produced during the printing process and is also an important indicator of the quality of the printing.

Third, the bottom of the coating

And the surface coating the same, but the back surface coated with the surface material, the main purpose of the coating at the bottom:

1, the protection of surface materials, to prevent adhesion penetration

2, increase the opacity of the fabric

3, between the surface material to increase the bond strength of the adhesive;

4, to prevent penetration of plasticizers into the Price Tag printing, the impact of self-adhesive Price Tag printing adhesion

Fourth, the outer coating (coated silicon layer)

That is, in the bottom of the paper coated with silicone oil, coated silicone oil to the bottom surface tension is very low, the surface is very smooth, its role is to prevent the bottom of the bond bond.

Five, stickers Price Tag printing

Self-adhesive Price Tag printing is the medium between the Price Tag material and the adhesive Price Tag printed substrate. It's like a key. According to its characteristics can be divided into permanent and removable two. It has a variety of recipes, suitable for different surfaces and different occasions. Self-adhesive Price Tag printing is the most important component of self-adhesive material technology, is the key to the application of Price Tags.

Six, the bottom of the paper

The bottom of the paper is the protective coating that protects the surface of the self-adhesive Price Tag and supports the surface material so that it can be cut, ejected and Price Taged in the Price Taging machine. As with the same surface material, the uniformity and strength of the bottom plate are not only related to the printing performance, but also determines the uniformity of the die cutting, as well as paper speed and edge fracture of the important indicators.

Seven, stickers Price Tag printing back or back printing

The back is coated with a layer of protective layer on the bottom of the paper to prevent garbage discharge, sticking on the stickers and sticking to the paper before and after the roll. The correctness of the silicone coating and the correct amount of coating directly affect the amount of peel between the paper (from the type of force) and the size of the peel strength to directly affect the reduction of the exhaust and the speed of the machine. The peel force also determines the standard Price Tag, Ie the application. In addition, the amount of coating will affect the end of the glue.

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