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BASF Non-phthalate Ester Plasticizer Production Capacity Doubled

Germany chemical giant BASF announced its non-phthalate ester plasticizer Haexamoll DINCH production capacity has been expanded twice.

Recently, BASF in Germany Ludwigshafen, a second plant has been put into operation, the plasticizer production capacity will rise from the original 100,000 tons to 200,000 tons.

BASF said Hexamoll DINCH were developed in close contact with the body of related products, such as food packaging, medical devices, toys, and so on. This environmentally friendly plasticizer in floor and wall coatings application is also increasing.

"In the past few years, we have witnessed more and more customers as alternative to traditional lead acid salts, market moving toward non-phthalate ester plasticizers. "Said Dr Rainer Diercks, President of BASF's petrochemical sector.

As the world's leading chemicals group, BASF employs over 112,000 people, its sales in 2013 is 74 billion euros.

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