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Data Strip The Development Of Technology

Large-scale data technology is a new information technology to deal with large data explosion in the case that traditional data processing means cannot deal with the real-time demand of massive data.

Large data technologies can generally include infrastructure support, data acquisition, storage, data computation, and data presentation interactions.

Big Data technology is evolving

Data calculation generally includes data query, statistics, analysis, prediction, mining, mapping processing, BI business intelligence and other related technologies, data calculation is the key component of data processing, but also the core of the large-number technology. Data calculation can transform large data from data to value.

Data presentation interaction is a step closer to the user. Because the end user of data, the goal for the production, operation, planning to provide decision support, so will generally choose more intuitive and convenient way to display the value of the data and content, so that users can more effectively use the data to play the value. This step out of the traditional report and graphics, the current most popular means is the visual tools and human-computer interaction.

Challenges faced by large data technology

In the case of large data acquisition, it is a problem to reduce the volume of datasets as much as possible without losing the value of the data itself. In the process of cleaning and removing data, how to deal with large data effectively and make it not lose value, it is the key to extract the concept, theory and knowledge of high added value from the large data of a plane.

Large data management needs to face many different types of data. Because the current data is dominated by unstructured data, and this trend is being strengthened, how to manage the large data with distributed, polymorphic and heterogeneous needs more effective and efficient means.

In the aspect of large data storage, structured data, although it is convenient to store, is inefficient in querying, statistics and updating of massive data, and the storage and retrieval of unstructured data, such as video, audio, text, picture and so on, can be difficult and occupies a large space. For semi-structured data, the storage and analysis need to be structured data conversion, or in accordance with unstructured data storage, difficult and not conducive to real-time processing.

Technology in development challenge and opportunity coexist

In data calculation, distributed computing and parallel computing can provide effective technical support, but how to provide effective means of use, war, large data analysis and processing needs further research, and in the calculation of the "fool-type" development now, how to find a solid and reliable results is also a focus.

In the field of large data application, it is still to be improved to use large data to assist the landing of specific industries, how to carry out the law and control, police situation and command decision-making, explore the value of industry information resources and improve the utilization of large data in the field.

The improvement of large data technology is obvious, but large data landing is a major issue. Improving large data technology and enhancing the application of large data will be the main melody for a long time.

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