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PVC films often contain filler. PVC filler filler is different from rubber, it does not improve the original physical and mechanical strength of PVC (such as impact strength and tensile strength), content must be appropriate, or reduces the mechanical strength of the film.

Joined the 5~20% packed in soft PVC film, not only reducing film costs, when the amount of filler added when appropriate, also make films with some excellent performances, for example, can make the film feel very good flexibility, surface drying and not bright, hot pressing high and permanent deformation is small and other excellent properties.

, Bai Zhi, talc or kaolin, calcium carbonate barium sulfate can be used as a filler. Content below 5% will appear in the color, intensity and other adverse effects. Although antimony trioxide also played role of pigments or fillers, but often used as a flame retardant, joined in a flexible film to improve its fire resistance. In the film Burns, antimony trioxide and PVC decomposition emits hydrogen chloride compound antimony trioxide, antimony trichloride is a fire-like smoke.

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