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How To Control The Performance Of Self-adhesive Price Tag Printing Ink

Self-adhesive Price Tag printing, in the process of controlling the performance of the ink, the ambient temperature and relative humidity on the impact of ink performance is great, the higher the temperature, the faster the solvent evaporation, the faster the ink becomes sticky. However, the relative humidity of the two extremes (humidity is very large and humidity is very small) is not the case. It is difficult for the printing technician to control the ink performance when the relative humidity is at two extremes, so this has been a problem for the printing technician. Humidity of more than 80 ~ 85% will make the ink becomes very slow viscosity; and humidity below 15 ~ 20% will make the ink viscosity is very slow. But the environment at two extremes, the simple control of the characteristics of ink solvent to improve the viscosity of the ink is basically powerless.

Self-adhesive Price Tag printing ink performance indicators:

1. Dryness: the drying of the ink on the Price Tag printing also has a great impact, too fast and easy to cause the pattern becomes shallow or even dry version of the phenomenon; dry too slow easily lead to sticky ink or sticky dirt. In general, the drying speed of the ink should be compatible with the printing speed, the drying capacity of the printing apparatus and the area of the printing pattern.

2.pH value: For water-based Price Tag printing ink, pH control is very important, generally between 8 to 9 is appropriate. Changes in the pH of the aqueous ink also cause a change in viscosity. Price Tag Therefore, an appropriate amount of pH stabilizer is added to the ink at regular intervals during the printing process.

3. Viscosity stability: stability of the ink viscosity is to ensure the consistency of the quality of one of the prerequisites, ink viscosity is too high or too low are not conducive to printing, therefore, the ink viscosity control is very important. In general, in the printing process, Price Tag with the ink in the water and solvent evaporation, ink viscosity will gradually increase, it should always measure the viscosity of the ink, do a good job of viscosity change records, and timely to be adjusted.

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