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How To Design Food Price Tags

  How to design food price tags

  Commodity packaging can not be separated from the price tag, and different goods on the price tag requirements are not the same. Due to the wide variety of food packaging, the price tag of various materials is used in food packaging. In addition, due to the diversity of food (fish fish raw fish food, wine and beverage and other liquid food, fruits and vegetables, cooked food, etc.), packaging and transportation requirements are different, so the price tag materials and Printing requirements are also very different. How do you design food price tags? To be familiar with the characteristics of different food packaging, fully grasp the price tag printing technology requirements, in order to produce high-quality food price tag.

  Design food price tag content should pay attention to the problem

  Food price tag and other price tags have some differences, it is in addition to the identity card as a food function, but also in line with environmental protection, health and other requirements, in addition, for some high-end goods, but also have the appropriate security features. In addition, the price tag for food also requires its anti-fat performance, in the cold and humid surface and the need for deep freeze, have to keep the price tag has enough stickiness.

  According to the contents of the food price label (food name, ingredient, net content and solid weight, plant name and site, production date, shelf life or shelf life, storage and consumption methods, etc.), when designing the contents of the food price label, Note the following:

  ◆ food name can not be crowned on the food price label on the language, text, graphics, symbols must be accurate, science. Production enterprises should be based on the basic properties of food marked food name, to strengthen the authenticity of food price tag content. Try to avoid the use of food innovation and even Zhang Guan Li Dai's name, to the consumer misunderstanding;

  ◆ Product name must use the same font size should be prohibited in the food price tag on the use of product name to confuse the real property of food, to deceive consumers. Such as yogurt drink, watching the yogurt, a drink taste like, a closer look, yogurt next to the characters have two humble little word drinks, which is fooling the behavior of consumers. Therefore, the product name must be true to reflect the product, the name must use the same font size;

  ◆ production and distribution information to be disclosed to ensure the right to trace, the details of food production enterprises must be reflected in the price tag. Must indicate the name and detailed address of the production, packaging, dispensing or distribution unit. Foreign imports, domestic packaging of large packaging products, should be marked in the country assigned the unit name and address, and also marked the country of origin of the country;

  ◆ marked content to be conspicuous, ingredients to be clear on the price tag must be marked on the text and the height of the figure shall not be less than 1.8 mm; net content and food name must be marked in the packaging or packaging containers on the same display; In addition, the food added sweeteners, preservatives, colorants must be marked with specific names;

  ◆ date of production can not be vague The date of production is the date of production of finished products through the factory inspection. Frozen drinks (such as popsicles, ice cream), etc., must be in the outer box (box) marked on the production date, should be clear, writing clear, not vague, writing fuzzy. Most of the food must be clearly marked shelf life;

  ◆ production enterprises must indicate the name and detailed address to ensure the right to trace, the details of the food production enterprises must be reflected in the price tag, can not simply write a factory name;

  ◆ standard number shall not be falsely declared domestic pre-packaged food price tag must be marked with the implementation of the standard code;

  ◆ genetically modified food should be clearly marked in the Ministry of Agriculture issued by the "agricultural genetically modified organisms logo management approach" of food, must be marked on the price tag genetically modified food. For example, the use of transgenic soybean oil, the price tag should be marked with transgenic soybean oil words.

  In short, the beginning of the design of food prices on how to design a clear understanding, and pay attention to the quality of printing in order to ensure that the quality of self-adhesive food label products.

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