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How To Properly Store The Use Price Tag

  How to properly store the use price tag

  When purchasing a price tag, it may be possible to set the amount as much as the stock, and for a long time there may be a little problem. To keep your price tag storage for a little longer, we have to take relative measures to keep the price tag well The

  Here are the conditions and precautions for storing the price tag:

  1, noodles or labels with external packaging, in the absence of warehouse temperature and humidity control equipment under the conditions of the proposed plastic film sealed packaging, after each use to seal the packaging again, but also for the label to provide better storage conditions.

  2, printed after the label after packing to be stacked, not too heavy to prevent penetration of glue glue.

  3, before use to prevent direct sunlight.

  4, the surface of the paste should be kept clean; oil, water, dust particles will affect the label sticking adhesion decreased, this situation must be water, alcohol, dry cloth to be affixed to the paste and then labeled.

  5, paste the operator's fingers as much as possible not to contact the glue part, or clean hands after a small area contact with the label corner, to avoid weaken the label sticking force

  If the company can store the price tag according to the above conditions, then the general can be stored for one year is no problem.

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