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PC/ABS Molding Process Of Skin

We look at a description of the melt fracture: polymers in the plastic extrusion or injection molding, low fluid shear rate by die or gate extruded has a smooth surface and a uniform shape. As the shear rate and shear stress increases to a certain value, the extruded surface is dull and rough surface; when rates rise when plastic extrusion, extrusion surface appears many irregular nodules, distorted or bamboo pattern, fragmented and broken into pieces or even segment, we call it "melt fracture."

Description of these phenomena, in the low shear stress or rate, melt of small disturbances are caused by various factors inhibited while under high shear stress or rate of fluid disturbances in unbearable, and developed into unstable flow when a critical shear stress is reached, will cause the fluid to break away.

Plastic products from skin problems under high shear forces and led to the rupture of the fluid has a lot of contacts throughout the injection molding process, what are the factors affecting products from skin problems? universal plastic nets below make bonded materials, tooling, and further explanation.

Fluid under high shear rupture led to the product from the skin, and PC/abs compared to other materials, PC, ABS two-phase structure, is more likely to occur at a high shear rupture and separation of the two phases of the fluid, then layering from the skin. PC/abs materials, their PC and ABS for part of the compatibility between the two groups, therefore in the process of modifying a certain need to add compatibility to improve its compatibility. Of course, because mixing caused by poor skin is the first step we need to rule it out.

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