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PE Plastic Film For The Price Tag Printing In The Advantages

  PE plastic film for the price tag printing in the advantages

  PE is a fast-growing environmental price tag material. It has a good softness, suitable for sticky surface in the curvature, and the price tag edge is not easy to wrinkle. In addition, there are a lot of cosmetics, shampoo with PE bottle filling, if the price tag is also PE, then the recycling is very convenient. Transparent PE material also has an advantage, that is, it itself has a feeling of misty, printed price tag has a soft effect, it is very upscale. Since the polyethylene molecules do not contain polar groups, and the crystallinity is high, the surface free energy is low (the surface tension is low). Therefore, the printing performance of the film is poor, and the adhesion to the ink and the adhesive is poor The surface treatment is required before printing and recombination.

  Application of PE Plastic Film in Price Label Printing

  Suitable for water, oil and chemical products such as high performance of the product price tag, Han Yuan printing often used in this material cosmetics, shampoo, washing and other in the course of the use of moisture, resistance to extrusion requirements of daily chemical Price tag. Excellent flexibility, especially for plastic bags. Can also be used for environmental requirements and can not use PVC price tag material situation.

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