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Plastics Processing Technology New Functional, Lightweight And Micro-forming

Qian Guijing, Director of the China plastics processing industry association, in an interview with reporters, said the recently released technical progress in plastics processing industry "Twelve-Five" development of guidance technologies for the plastics processing industry indicates the direction of innovation, that is, "new three"--functional, lightweight and micro-moulding.

Qian Guijing said: "plastic is the future information technology, aerospace, bio-technology, energy-saving emission reduction, environmental protection, traffic, Smart City, and many other essential materials in the field, and industrial technology progress and the enhancement of the ability of independent innovation will be to qualify for this role you need to perfect skills. "He said, plastic products are functional, lightweight, micro molding is not only the world's plastics industry development trends, also on behalf of international advanced molding technology of plastics processing industry, and narrowing the gap with international advanced level of Chinese plastic industry important to.

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