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Price Tag Development Trend

  Price tag development trend


  The global price tag is growing at an annual rate of 5 to 8 percent. From the growth of the international label market, the growth rate of the developed countries is gradually slowing down, according to the regional growth of the label:

  North America 4 to 5%, Western Europe 5 to 6%;

  Market growth in developing countries is rising rapidly;

  Such as China 15 ~ 20%, India 12 ~ 18%, Eastern Europe 12 ~ 15%, Price tag South America (excluding Mexico) 8 ~ 10%, Asia Pacific (excluding China) 12 ~ 15%.

  More than 25,000 label manufacturers worldwide, the price tag market sales in 2006 reached 65 billion US dollars forecast in 2007 will achieve 73 billion US dollars. In 2010, Asia will account for 37% of total international label consumption. Price tag The growth rate of new label products is very fast, such as shrink film labels and in-mold tag growth rate of more than 10%. China's annual growth rate has been much higher than the national economy average of 7 to 9% growth rate, this rapid growth is encouraging.

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