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Price Tag Plate Making Process

  Price tag plate making process

  Price label printing covers several major printing methods, in the plate making stage. According to the nature of different products, choose a different printing methods, for different printing methods, plate making process is also different. In this paper, a flexible plate making process as a brief example.

  Flexible plate making process: the original one film (film) a exposure of a washing a drying after a treatment.

  1. originals. Suitable for flexible printing of the original design should have the following characteristics: more color, but less printed; do not require the reproduction of special small details; cable is not too high, but can achieve color printing results; can be done online packaging processing.

  2. film (film). Meet the plate needs, graphic clarity, size specifications specifications accurate; with frosted film, requiring the four corners of the same density; the use of film orthography; with the transmission density meter, white density of 0.06 or less; black density of 3.5 or more.

  3. Exposure includes back exposure and main exposure.

  ① back exposure.Price tag The support film of the photosensitive resin plate is upward and the protective film is tiled down in the exposure drawer for exposure. The ultraviolet light passes through the support film to cure the photosensitive adhesive layer to establish a stable substrate, and the depth of the wash plate can be controlled to enhance the binding force between the support film and the photosensitive resin layer. The back exposure time is determined according to the desired base thickness.

  ② main exposure. Also known as positive exposure, photosensitive resin plate support film down, protective film facing up. Tile in the exposure drawer. The protective film will be torn off once, and then the film film surface affixed to the photosensitive resin plate above the vacuum film flat female 1 怎 孽 high yield * female A check method covered in the film (non-medicine The film is vacuumed so that the film is tightly adhered to the photosensitive resin layer, and the ultraviolet rays pass through the vacuum film and the translucent part of the film so that the photosensitive part of the plate is polymerized and cured, and the main exposure time is determined by the plate type and the light source. Short will make the text slope is too straight, lines bent, small print, small part of the part was washed away, and vice versa exposure will be too long will be version, writing fuzzy. If the same plate on a large, Xiaoyu, thick, fine lines . Visible conditions are covered with black film,Price tag respectively, and the small part will not be lost due to flushing to ensure the quality of the plate.

  4. rinse. The non-photosensitive part of the wash to dissolve,Price tag to retain the photopolymerization of the relief. The length of the wash time is determined by the thickness of the plate and the depth of the printing plate. The version of the plate is too short. The plate will leave the non-photosensitive resin and affect the plate depth. The plate is too long to expand the plate, resulting in fine part deformation or Fall off.

  5. Drying. Remove the wash solvent, so that the plate to restore the original size of the thickness. The baking temperature is between 50-60 ° C. Baking time according to the thickness of the plate and wash the length of time to determine the general thick version of two hours, thin version of one hour. Baking time is too long, the bake temperature is too high will make the printing plate brittle and affect the printing life. Baking temperature is too low will extend the drying time, baking time is too short, there will be printed when the bad version of the phenomenon.

  6. Post-processing.Price tag That is, after sticky and post-exposure. So that the photosensitive resin completely hardened (polymerization) to achieve the hardness index, and to eliminate the printing plate sticky, in order to facilitate the ink transmission. The post-processing time is obtained from the test, the purpose is not to crack, no sticky.

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