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Price Tag Printing Should Pay Attention To The Problem

  Price tag printing should pay attention to the problem

  Printing the price tag seems to be a very simple thing, in fact, if some small aspects of the deal is not handled, Price tag it will be the final price tag printing effect has a great impact. At least we should pay attention to:

  (1) the use of ink is best to produce the same brand, or there will be a series of differences, the printing results will not be very good.

  (2) ink in the use of full mixing before, Price tag in the printing process should also often stir to ensure that the ink system evenly dispersed.

  (3) each deployment of the ink should not be too much, should follow the "less plus, ground plus" principle, both conducive to the stability of ink performance, Price tag but also effectively avoid waste; In addition, for spot color ink, should also be deployed recording.

  (4) printing will generally add some additives to assist in forming, such as antistatic agents, defoamers, etc., although these modificents, but the role is irreplaceable, Price tag but still pay attention to the amount, too much Less will affect the printing effect.

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