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Price Tag Referred To As Price Tag

  Price tag referred to as price tag, is a commercial business to customers to publish a form of price.

  The main contents of the price tag generally include: product number, name, origin, specifications, grades, grades, pricing units, prices and so on. Price tag requirements Artistic, handwriting neat, style and display location and product shape, color coordination, with the sales method to adapt. Requires the price of a sign,Price tag goods linked to the same display, good chaos, convenient for customers, easy to check and supervise.

  The current National Price Bureau provides: national pricing of goods using red label, the national guide price of goods using blue label, the market price adjustment of goods using green labels, in order to facilitate the supervision and inspection of the masses. Price tag filling, transformation, destruction,Price tag to have full-time or part-time shopkeepers unified responsibility. Price tag, must be approved by the store owner to sign the signature, in order to perform, other staff have no right to change.

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