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Price Tag Removal Method

  Price tag removal method

  Now a lot of label paper is widely used, I believe that most people have encountered, we usually buy in the supermarket vases, Price tag bowls of plastic products, glass products and ceramic products, the above will be close to the manufacturer's price tag paper. Although the surface of the printing paper can be torn off, can be under the sticky glue is always torn not clean.

  Because ordinary stickers generally contain petroleum resin, acrylic and other polymer materials, viscosity is relatively high. Manufacturers hope sticky little, the transport process will not fall, but stick too tight, torn up and inconvenient. Price tag There is no one process, you can not only ensure the strength of sticky, but also easy to tear without leaving traces.

  But in general, alcohol, gasoline or nail polish, hand cream and other diluents can help easily and completely remove these stickers. Method is to tear a layer of paper on the surface of the label, coated with alcohol or gasoline, etc., Price tag and then hand rub on the surface, so that it fully impregnated stickers, and finally wipe with a cloth.

  However, with these solvents, it is possible to cause damage to the surface of the appliance, the current summary of the better way is to soak with hot water or blowing hair dryer parts, and then use a damp cloth to remove stickers. Price tag This method does not cause damage to the item.

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