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Production Of PVC Film:

Industrial films (0.23 mm), agricultural film (0.10 mm) and film (0.10,0.14,0.20), book cover film (0.35 mm), there are films for food packaging films, commercial films, insulation and so on.

The quality requirements for soft PVC film: a case study of agricultural film, shown in its physical and mechanical properties in the decree is as follows:

Tensile strength (vertical and horizontal) ≥ 150 (kg/cm ²)

Elongation of base (vertical and horizontal) ≥ 200 (%)

Low temperature elongation (longitudinal) ≥ 20 (%)

Tangential breaking strength (vertical and horizontal) ≥ 40 (kg/cm ²)

Rate of heat loss ≤ 8(%)

Water extract ≤1 .0(%)

Film presentation quality requirements are: transparent, bubble-free, spam-free impurity, thickness uniformity and coiling and tidy, shrinkage, wrinkle-free, and inequality.

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