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PVC Lubricants

PVC, widely used as a conventional polymers, it cannot lack of lubricant in the process. PVC demand for lubricants at its peak, about plastic 80% of the total demand. Rigid PVC takes about 1% of lubricants (some special cases may be 4%), and the maximum quantity of lubricant in the soft PVC. 0.5% or less. The lubricants generally reflected in the order mentioned in section 5.4 of lubricants and hard PVC4: compatibility of reduced circumstances.

PVC processing methods, especially using different types of heat stabilizers and PVC should be added in the lubricant quantity and variety is also different. Every possible method of processing (extrusion, calendering, blow molding, injection molding), the formula must adapt to the peculiar effects of shear rate and any other necessary, such as flow, anti adhesive or plastic. In each process, it should be noted that the optimal proportion of additives for just the right property.

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