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PVC Rigid Sheet Quality Requirements (0.50x930x1810 Mm Rigid PVC Sheets-products, For Example):

Quality: good plasticizing properties consistent color, free of impurities, cracks and holes, no cold spots, not too coarse.

Size requirements:

0.5 ± 0.03 mm thick

930 ± 10 mm wide

1810 ± 10 mm long

Resilience: analysis of 180 degrees, according to the original crease back 360 ° bend, observe the specimen should not be broken.

Thermal stability: 750 ° c, 4 hours or more, Congo red paper does not change color.

Now rolling process for production of 0.09~0.50 mm thickness ranges of soft PVC film and 0.30~0.80 mm rigid PVC sheets. Its transversal thickness deviation can be controlled: 0.01~0.02 mm, rolling thin-film the maximum line speed 60~64 m/min, 2 m wide, 1~1.6 m, calendared rigid sheet maximum line speed 24~28 m/min, maximum width-930 mm.

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