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Supermarket Price Strip Analysis Is Not Only Related To The Price Of A Single Product

  Supermarket Price Strip analysis is not only related to the price of a single product, it needs to be combined with category, brand, terminal position, season, promotion linkage and other data and means. We take the supermarket price belt as an analysis index, is because the supermarket price belt existence is objective, we only hoped the supplier through this method to find the correct reasonable price system, provides to the retail terminal relatively best-selling commodity. Now the supermarket competition is very intense, more mature supermarket will have a set of supplier assessment system. In addition to the general 4P, namely, goods, prices, channels (exhibitions) and promotions, but also increased the 2P, is the staff and suppliers. The supplier system has been introduced into the whole supermarket marketing system. In the process of docking with the supplier system, retailers hope that the new products provided by the supplier should conform to the price of supermarket.

  When retailers make price strategy, a very important basis is the consumer's consumption level and price affordability, which is the standard to develop the corresponding Supermarket Price Strips. Supermarket procurement in the corresponding Supermarket Price Strips to find products. What the supplier wants to do is to provide a series of products in the supermarket price belt of purchasing needs.

  The width of the price band of a commodity supermarket determines the level and quantity of consumption in the retail store. For example, the towel category exists high and low, corresponding to three consumption levels. If the store does not have a high-end level of consumption, then the preparation of high-grade towel is wrong, or there is no need to prepare high-grade products, you will lose a consumption layer.

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