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Supermarket Price Strip Band Analysis Can Not Be Separated From The Production Of Commodity Price Map

  Supermarket Price Strip band analysis can not be separated from the production of commodity price map. First of all, for a small category (such as soy sauce) and start, first of all the price (grid) line (sales price), and summed up its Supermarket Price Strip belt (the small commodity sales price of the upper and lower limits of the range), then judge its price area (Supermarket Price Strip belt is more display than the group price line more concentrated area), and finally to determine the most appropriate selling point (this PP is very important, that is, for the store, in a certain category of goods on the customer's easiest to accept the price.) Grasp this point, and prepare at this point at the PP price around the merchandise, will give customers a cheap and rich feeling and impression.

  Mastering this method is extremely useful to the work, the actual combat is extremely strong. This technology is a required course for new staff of foreign commercial enterprises. Recommend the company to promote the subject of research and discussion, if we have mastered this technology, we can see the surface of the foreign capital display of the content, not only know it, but also known why. Greatly improve our own business quality and effectiveness.

  Each business of different businesses usually have their own unique product composition of the account (or plan), through the analysis of Supermarket Price Strip bands and price lines, firmly grasp the lock on their own stores (industry) in the goods (according to the use of supermarkets (special reading) general five categories: Department-product Group-breed-category-Items The price point or the most appropriate selling point, and around the most appropriate price points to develop products near PP, increase the associated price (Pl Price Line price lines) of goods (commonly known as peak processing). And in their own shop in the small classification of the highest price line and the lowest price line delineated the price range, that is, Supermarket Price Strips.

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