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The Main Contents Of The Price Tag Generally Include

  The main contents of the price tag generally include: product number, name, origin, specifications, grades, grades, pricing units, prices and so on. Price tag requirements Artistic, handwriting neat, style and display location and product shape, color coordination, with the sales method to adapt. Requires the price of a sign, goods linked to the same display, good chaos, convenient for customers, easy to check and supervise.

  The current National Price Bureau provides: national pricing of goods using red labels, the national guide price of goods using blue labels, the market price adjustment of goods using green labels, in order to facilitate the supervision and inspection of the masses. Price tag filling, transformation, destruction, to have full-time or part-time shopkeepers unified responsibility. Price tag, must be approved by the store owner to sign the signature, in order to perform, other staff have no right to change.

  To get a perfect quality label, in addition to the configuration of high-quality bar code printers, the rational choice of label paper is also a very important part. At present, the bar code printer industry application is more adhesive label. Self-adhesive label from the release paper, tissue paper and adhesive as the two components of the three parts, from the type of paper commonly known as "at the end of paper", the surface was oily, the end of the paper on the adhesive with isolation, It is attached as a tissue paper to ensure that the tissue can be easily peeled off from the base paper, also known as release paper. price tag The end of the paper at the end of the paper and GLASSINE (GLASSINE) at the end of paper, ordinary base paper texture rough, thicker, according to its color yellow, white, etc., the general printing industry commonly used stickers for the economic bottom paper. GLASSINE (GLASSINE) at the end of paper texture dense, uniform, with good internal strength and transmittance, is the production of bar code labels commonly used materials. Its common colors are blue, white. We usually talk about the label paper for the coated paper, thermal paper, etc., refers to the paper in terms of paper. price tag Tissue paper is the label of the contents of the carrier, according to its material sub-coated paper, thermal paper, PET, PVC and other categories. The back of the paper is coated with adhesive, which on the one hand to ensure that the end of paper and tissue paper moderate adhesion, on the other hand to ensure that the paper was stripped, but also with the stickers with a strong paste.

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