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The Scope And Classification Of Price Tags

  The scope and classification of price tags

  Price tag products are rich in content, widely used. In the past, it was narrowly that the price tag only refers to stickers and other self-adhesive price tag, this view limits the price tag product development and business development. The scope and classification of new price tags include adhesive price tags, in-mold price tags, direct screen printing price tags, RFID price tags, smart price tags, heat shrink price tags, and price tags. Some that is coated with price tags, notes and so on.

  The cost of the adhesive price tag is relatively expensive, but the performance of the exquisite price tag is more perfect. Mainly for the sticker price tag.

  "In-mold price tag" process refers to placing the printed graphic or photo image as a trademark directly into the mold area within the plastic mold during the production of the container so that the price tag and the container are fused together to form a complete package Container production process. All of these machining operations in the "in-mold price tag" can only be done in one process. "In-Plane Price Label" creates a new situation in the design of plastic containers / bottles manufacturers and other merchandise packaging. It is one of the fastest growing and most effective decorative methods in plastic packaging containers.

  Screen printing price label is the pattern and text printed on the screen printing method in the packaging, the pattern and text texture, the overall effect is good, but if the color is more, the use of direct screen printing price is more expensive. And the quality of direct screen printing is not ideal, more difficult to reflect the exquisite patterns and small text,

  Heat shrinkable price label refers to the use of heat shrinkable film (mainly PVC film) as a packaging price tag, relatively direct screen printing price tag and sticker price tag cost is low, but the heat shrink price tag is easy to break, is not conducive to environmental protection, The overall image is not how good.

  In general, the scope of the price tag is expanding and the classification is increasing. The price tag industry has a bright future.

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