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Understanding Trends And Customer Demand Is The Plastic Industry's Key To Success

Plastics industry development trends and constantly changing needs of the industry. Understand market trends and customer needs is the key to success. Dow is a step ahead, to provide customers with enhanced in this fast-changing market of competitive advantages in the field of innovative products, advanced technology and high-performance solution.

In this year's CHINAPLAS exhibition, Dow exhibiting food and specialty packaging, consumer durables, automobile, adhesives and functional materials, industrial and consumer goods packaging solutions. These innovative programmes set out to fully understand the market direction and the importance of customer needs.

For example, in Asia, milk and other dairy products increase demand for aseptic packaging has achieved great development. Dow has developed customized solutions to meet this new growth opportunities, namely mLLDPE INSITE technology, the materials with low sealing temperature and high seal strength and thermal adhesive strength.

Similarly, in order to meet the region's demand for multilayer pipe huge, the company's range of products for a variety of structures, provide the required functionality, good stiffness and gives good adhesion with the film.

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